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Painting Brushes

Group Classes

As I shift my focus to this work several experiential classes and group events are in the works in addition to those offered periodically. Please feel free to reach out and share what you are seeking in the areas of spiritual, emotional, or physical healing, training, classes, or peer connections.  It's a great opportunity to have input into curriculum or group conversations you may be seeking.  I would love to hear from you! 


Art for the Heart Workshops

Following grounding and a short meditation, participants free paint with watercolor, oil pastel, or colored pencils while I hold a space of healing energy. These workshops offer a powerful healing process while simultaneously practicing the skill of channeling and meditation. No creative talent is needed.  The goal is to allow energy to move through you without constraint. Participants often experience personal healing or emotional release as well as intuitive development regardless of current level of skill. 

Qigong Practice & Group Healing

Learn this daily healing practice of gentle movements to open up your energy blockages, restore energy reserves and increase your vibration.  Movements  can be done standing or seated. Followed by group healing and meditation or optionally offered as stand alone introductory workshops at wellness events.  


EFT / Tapping Circles

An affordable and fun way to learn and use EFT to ease challenges in your life associated with common emotional energy patterns.  Benefit from the unmistakable power of group work.  Full participation and benefits are possible without discussing your own personal issues. Release common emotions of anxiety, worry, grief, frustration, anger, lack etc.

Spiritual Classes


Survey topics in holistic healing: Fundamentals of energy work, ReQigong, Sound Healing, channeled healing with artistic media, and EFT including discussions and experiential learning. Future classes will be in accordance with deeper interest in spiritual development, energy healing, or tapping.

Meditation Group

Meditation and Spirit Circle Meet Up

Coming soon if enough interest received.

Contact me

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