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About Me

I discovered my passion and aptitude for energy healing in 2007, and subsequently acquired training in multiple holistic modalities including Reiki, Qigong, and EFT, as well as psychic and spiritual development. I am a

certified Spring Forest Qigong Master Healer and offer energy work, coaching, and workshops to facilitate holistic healing and spiritual practices. I currently offer in person healing sessions in St. Paul and at various

wellness expos in Minnesota and Wisconsin, as well as by zoom or phone.  I would be honored to support you

with your personal healing journey.


"Energy Cannot Be Created or Destroyed, But it Can Be Transformed"

Albert Einstein

My Services


Personal Healing Sessions

Qigong energy channeling techniques promote healing by releasing energy blockages, rebalancing energy flow, and restoring energy reserves. Common benefits are pain relief, reduced anxiety or depression, and enhanced physical, spiritual, or emotional healing.  Each session is unique and may incorporate sound or crystal vibration. Group healings are available and incorporate active qigong movements.

Qigong Distance Healing

Sessions are over zoom or phone as I work on clients virtually from my healing room. Healings occur through frequency resonance and are unaffected by distance from a client.  All healing sessions are uniquely channeled and may include vocal toning to open energy channels.

Tapping Coaching Sessions

 Tap with me to learn the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), a scientifically validated, fast, and simple method of tapping meridian end points to release emotion, stuck beliefs, pain, and energy blockages.  Tapping is a powerfully effective method to release anxiety and a tool every parent should have to share with their children.


I experienced a complete healing of ovarian issues following a session with Marcia.  She graciously assisted by clearing blocks with a lovely attitude and a sincere commitment to my well-being.  I give her my highest recommendations and gratitude.

Sara W., Hawaii

I woke one day with terrible pain and a lump in the arch of my foot.  I could barely walk for days.  When I thought it was better, I went to an event one night with a group of friends but the pain returned and I had difficulty standing.  Marcia was there and offered healing. I had heard of healings Marcia has performed successfully   and gratefully said yes.  I could feel the heat throughout my body from her hand on my neck as she continued pulling energy out.  When I stood up the pain and the lump in the arch was gone  Two weeks later, no symptoms have returned.

Nancy S., Minneapolis, MN

She heals the soul!

Teri L, MN

Following a year of frightening declining health that was not responding to medical treatment, I was blessed to have two healing sessions with Marcia. She is knowledgeable, professional, and quite skilled at what she does. My sessions were energy intensive and my body was infused with heat. Spirit and the Light were quite active. I experienced clear, detailed visions and colors of purple and gold continually flowed behind my closed eyes. At some point, I heard my name called.  I believe the work has gently opened the blocked energy pathways and restored a sense of well-being, peace, and tranquility. My strength and health are returning.  Marcia loves what she does. Do not hesitate to work with her.

Pat J, Fairfax, VA

I have had several healing sessions with Marcia. I love how she can intuitively apply the healing process I most need at the time of my session. I always feel safe with her, and appreciate how she truly seems interested and dedicated to my healing.

I was concerned about some self confidence issues my daughter was having because she had suffered from bulimia in the past, and arranged for Marcia to do a healing on her. The result of the session was shown in my daughter’s attitude in the weeks following the session. Her confidence level had risen and her attitude towards insignificant details had changed dramatically.  The attitude changes I witnessed were incredible.

Michelle S, Tampa, Fla 

We all have dreams; dreams for love, for career, for ‘fill in the blank’.  But often our beliefs and thinking get in our way of having true happiness and living our dream.  Getting help from Marcia has been one of the best things I have ever done for myself.  I wholeheartedly hope Marcia continues to transform many lives as she is doing with mine.  I deeply love and respect Marcia.

Susana V, Madison Wi

Anne P, Minneapolis, MN

Please share your experience!

Marcia, that was a truly dynamic healing that I got from you. I have been thinking about it ever since. The visuals and colors I saw are now finding a home in my art book. The energy came through me in a very profound way I can still feel from your hands radiating down on my face and the shifts that took place in my head.  Even the music that played seemed to send a message to me during the session.  I remember a word repeating over and over, a word that was not necessarily a part of the music.  Some parts of the healing were vivid.  I am grateful for this opportunity and know I will be back.

Get in Touch

Marcia Lowry 

Saint Clair Avenue

St Paul, MN 55105


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