​​​​​​The Awakening Heart Center


​​​​Marcia Lowry M.S.

Spring Forest Qigong Master Healer

Spring Forest Qigong Instructor 

Reiki Level I & II

As an intuitive energy healer and spiritual channel it is my core belief that we all have an inherent ability to heal ourselves fully, by opening our heart center and vibrationally aligning with our divine template through our universal access to source energy.  I believe it is through this alignment that we live our fullest potential and realize our greatest capacity for joy.  The activities and services offered by The Awakening Heart Center are designed to facilitate this vibrational alignment and ability to hold more light, thereby improving our physical and emotional   health, intuitive capacity, and every aspect of our lives.

My current certifications include Spring Forest Qigong Master Healer and Level I & II instructor, as well as a Reiki Level I & II practitioner.  I am available for in person and remote energy healing sessions out of my home as well as my newly available "HeartSpace", a practioner space and spiritual gathering place in St. Paul, Minnesota. Additional offerings include group distance healing, lunar cycle healing packages, and qigong healing circles at both HeartSpace and HealthPartners in Bloomington.  Beginning October 2015,  I will also be co-leading a new workshop with my daughter Erin, to expand spiritual growth through a practice of channelling our hearts through art.   This will be offered for adults and kids age 10 and up or by arrangement (See Art for the Heart). 

My initial interest in energy work grew from a desire in 2007 to assist my children with emotional healing. The first moment of learning to send energy in a Reiki class felt like finding home, and I immediately began offering healing to others.  I became a student of Master Chunyi Lin and Spring Forest Qigong in 2012,  receiving Qigong Master Healer and Instructor certification in 2014.  Long held interests in the teachings of spiritual masters, along with personal experiences as a medium,  have merged with my passion for energy healing to shape the healer that I am today.  During healing sessions, I assist by inviting master beings and guides to the session while holding space for the higher energy and soul level communication to take place.   Qigong healing techniques are used along with the higher energy to reset the information in the body, restore balanced energy flow, and achieve a higher vibrational state from which healing will continue beyond the session.    

In addition to my healing work, my career background includes twenty years experience in the sciences, with a focus on health and well-being.  I departed an initial career as a Medical Technologist in 1994 to pursue a Master of Science degree in Applied Statistics.  Currently employed by HealthPartners, my role includes consulting and statistical modeling to support analytical methods development, disease management programs, and journal published research linking modifiable risk factors, such as healthy behaviors and life satisfaction, to healthcare utilization.

I am currently an active volunteer with the Spring Forest Qigong Center in Eden Prairie, Minnesota where I assist with information sessions, healing circles, and personal healing facilitations as well as supporting classes and local guild meetings.  I continue to pursue my own heart opening through deepening my personal Qigong practice, as well as the study of other healing techniques such as EFT (tapping), the healing codes, crystals and sound.  I continuously seek to broaden my understanding through meditation, collaboration with other seekers, and the wisdom of advanced level teachers.  In addition to Chunyi Lin, I have been impacted by international teachers such as Esther Hicks, Carolyn Myss, Louise Hay, Christiane Northrup, and Tom Kenyon, and have studied psychic development locally with Marie Burgeson since 2007.  I am also an active member of Women on Fire, cofounded with five other women as a monthly practice group for psychic readings.  

I am most passionate about spiritual growth and assisting myself and others by facilitating the connection to the universal love energy we all share access to.  I also enjoy travel, adventure, time with my children and friends, and opportunities to connect with nature and fellow seekers.
​  I hope to meet you and assist you along your path to greater joy, health, and understanding!